Author name: Chris MacSaveny

Onboarding a New Member

Bringing in a new team member can be a challenge. But having that initial conversation with the new recruit can go a long way! This week, Dr. Zina Berry of @dlaleadership shares an inspiring conversation between her and a new hygienist on approaching the patient’s needs. Watch the video to learn more.

Passing The Baton

Let’s talk about transitioning between departments, or what Dr. Zina Berry of Dental Leadership Academy calls “Passing the Baton”. How do you and your employees work in tandem to deliver a consistent message to the patient? Watch the videos below to learn more.

Systems Check

In this video, Dr. Zina Berry puts on one of the other hats she wears as a Dental Practitioner, and it is called Systems Checker. Tune in to learn the importance of checking your dental systems regularly and letting your team know the reasons for it.

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