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Dentists who are business owners often say “I just want to do dentistry.” But succeeding as a clinical practitioner demands that attention is paid to more business-oriented aspects of a practice’s operation – including finances, business development, self-assessment, employee management, and patient engagement. These critical leadership skills are often overlooked and/or undervalued, limiting growth, profitability, and productivity…which can, in turn, leave the dentist feeling exhausted, employees feeling overwhelmed, and patients feeling dissatisfied.

DLA training involves an organizational assessment to determine the current status of the company, brainstorm new opportunities, and utilize research and trends in dentistry to deliver customer service excellence. Emphasis will be placed on the importance and intersection of dental health with overall health.

In-Person Training and Online Mastermind Groups

Practice2Profit In-Person Group Training Course

Join us for a high-energy, informative, and fun-filled day to learn techniques and tools to increase revenues, delight patients, and engage your staff!

Scholarly Conversations Online Mastermind Group

Members of the group suggest and listen to ‘best practice’ ideas for effectively and efficiently running their, and their colleague’s day-to-day operations.

Digital Seminars

We participate in various digital seminars throughout the year. See what is upcoming and register for the next class.

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